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ミンサー景色 Minsa Landscape

¥121,000 (税込)




沖縄の古民家のある景色に、ミンサー織の柄や琉球絣をイメージした柄などをアレンジしたグラフィカルな風景画です。ブーゲンビリアやガジュマルなどの植物の配置やバランスで、平面的でありながら奥行きのある仕上がりとなっています。 月桃紙の優しい風合いとキラキラした特殊インクがマッチして、懐かしさと現代が混在するような味わいを出しています。

Minsa-ori patterns and Ryukyu Kasuri-inspired patterns are whimsically arranged in this graphic art landscape of an old Okinawan house. The placement and balance of bougainvillea, banyan, and other plants create a harmonious finish. The canvas made from moon peach paper is another touch of Okinawan culture; its gentle texture serves as the perfect foundation for the sparkling ink used for the artwork. All of which is encapsulated in this mix of nostalgia and modernity.

Product details 商品詳細


■フレームサイズ 600x600mm




Japan/Domestic customers: Due to the size of this item, we're requesting cash-on-delivery for the shipping fee. Please let us know your preferred delivery carrier (Yamato Transport or postal service) and the desired delivery time when placing your order in the comments section. Thank you!

How to use 商品の使用方法

AR capable

When viewed through a smartphone, the artwork will appear in 3D along with a piece of original music; creating the feeling of entering the world of the painting.

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