see em why kがグッドデザイン賞受賞しました! We received the Good Design Award 2023


我々が取り組んでいるsee em why kというビジネスそのものが評価されたのは大変嬉しい限りで、これからも様々な商品を生み出していきたいと考えています。



撮影にご協力頂いた岸本製菓さん、Higefilmsさん、Chihiro Yabikuさん、Misoscreenさん、Kei Fusatoさん、SRCFLPさん、ありがとうございました。

We are thrilled to see that our business has been recognized, and we hope to continue creating quality-driven products right from the community.

Below are the evaluation comments we received:

"Rebranding shines new light on the good things of Okinawa, which has been under pressure from the branding power of major corporations. See Em Why K's ("CMYK") initiative is aimed at businesses in areas such as tourism and souvenirs that are often controlled by producers outside of the prefecture at great significance. Rather than just a casual rebranding, CMYK carefully draws out the context of the producers and region, incorporates it into the design, and even sets up a shop in its own office to handle sales. We praise CMYK for administering design value and logic through the designers themselves working closely with the local small businesses. 

We would like to thank our clients for trusting us and working with us on product development.

Special Thanks: Kishimoto Seika, Higefilms, Chihiro Yabiku, Misoscreen, Kei Fusato, and SRCFLP for their cooperation in the film.



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