Naha Art Night / 壺屋ナイトマーケットが開催され、大盛況でした⭐️ Naha Art Night / Tsuboya Night Market! 🌟 What a blast!


Huge thanks to everyone who came out in the cold, the vendors, and everyone who pitched in – your support means the world! 🙏✨ We had a fantastic turnout, just like last summer. So grateful for all the love and attendance! 🌟

See Em Why Kでは、7台のプロジェクターを使い、『沖縄アールデコ』をテーマに制作したアニメーションを配置。空間音響と合わせてイマーシブ空間を作りました。
At See Em Why K, we created an immersive art space using seven projectors, showcasing digital art themed around 'Okinawan Art Deco.' 🎨✨ Combined with spatial sound, it's a whole new level of immersive experience! 🌌

Also, we held a tasting event featuring three new Awamori releases launching on 2/14. The Queen of Awamori, Ms. Erika Maedomari, dazzled in a glamorous ensemble while treating us to the exquisite new Awamori blends. 🍶✨



The vendor booths were bustling with a lively crowd, and some items sold out early! 🛍️✨ Planning more events and creating gathering spaces together with everyone is our goal for the future.

Stay tuned for the next one! 🎉 #EventSuccess #CommunitySpirit


デジタルアート by 松丸三枝子
Digital Art by Mieko Matsumaru @mieko.murao 🎨✨

空間音響+音楽制作 by 村尾春樹 @srcflp
Spatial Sound + Quadraphonic Music by SRCFLP @srcflp 🎶🔊

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